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Single Bed Hem with Chain Stitch
Yarn, MC - 4 ply weight, that would have a stockinette tension of T7,
main tension C1, 2ply (1/2 size of above).

1. Every other needle in work, cast on waste yarn and ravel cord.
2. 2 ply yarn, T4, K5R.
3. Bring all needles to work.
5. 4. MC, 4 ply yarn, T9, K1R.6.
6. Bring needles out, carefully, leaving stitches in hooks.
7. MC, chain cast on evenly, behind work.
8. Push back on needle butts to knit through chain.
9. RC000. T6, K6R.
10. Pick up first row of 2 ply cotton onto every other needle.
11. Remove ravel cord.
12. T8, K1R. Continue in MT.

This makes a lovely, stable edge with less bulk on underside.

Look for several new edges using variations of this technique in KNITWORDS.
Lots more edges and trims in 'Knitting on the EDGE'.

Copyright 2004 Mary Anne Oger.