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Shell Scallop Hem
8 stitch repeat, side away is right side When setting this up, use an uneven number of needles on each side, eg. 41, 43, etc., so that when setting up 1X1 rib, #1 right of 0 is in work. Where it says to bring all n's out, this refers to working needles only and it is to ensure that they all knit properly. Always transfer the same needles, starting at centre, so #1 right always has 3 sts on after the transfers. Sample is made with 4 ply cercerised cotton (Bonita)

Engage rib bed, Swing P5.
Arrange n's for 1X1 rib. CAL.
RC000. T5/5, K1R. Hang comb
and one large weight on centre.
Rack to P7. Bring working n's out.
Rack to P5. Bring n's out. K1R.
Swing H6. Bring all n's to work on MB only.
Set to circular, T5/3, K4R.
Transfer stitches on MB as below, starting at centre having 3 sts on #1 right of 0, leave empty needles in work. Set to all knit, FNR. Bring all n's out.
T6/3, K2R, 2X; transfer for the lace again.
T7/3, K1R to RC012. Transfer all stitches to MB.
T8, stockinette, K1R.
This makes a very nice lacy hem with some body to it because of the 1X1 rib on the backing stops it from curling. Look for new edges in each issue of KNITWORDS. Lots of trims like this can be found in 'Knitting on the Edge' and '50 Ways to Love Your Knitter'.

Copyright 2004 Mary Anne Oger.
lace rib