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For the crochet impaired...
knit bit
Use a larger latch tool to make the chain cast on with multi-stranded yarn easier.
The latch tool from the 9mm machine works great for the midgauge.

Chain with Picot Knot
Because the multi stranding of main yarn to add weight to this edge makes it wider then the fabric of the garment, the edge is made separately on less needles and then joined to the piece. Every 5th needle is where the knot will be. take main yarn and measure out 7 times width of needles in use and triple strand that for chain cast on. Bring needles to out to D/E. Using latch tool, chain cast on loosely, from left to right, across to 3 n's past 'knot' needles. Hold loop on latch tool. Remove chain from last 3 needles - draw needle back to drop chain and return to D. Put loop from latch tool into hook of last needle with chain on and knit loop through. Take that loop off needle and put back on latch hook, to resume chaining. Take latch tool with loop to right of marked needle and strands of MC on left, chain 9 times and repeat above to end of row. Anchor last loop on end needle. Manually knit one row. Remove on WY or garter bar. With right side facing, hang garment gathering to fit on same needles. Turn and rehang edging, putting sts in hooks, garment piece behind latches. Close latches and pull through. Manually knit loose row and chain cast off. For closed edges, neck and armhole, pick up whole outside edge row/stitch.

For more great single bed edges, see 'Knitting on the Edge' by Mary Anne Oger.

Copyright 2004 Mary Anne Oger.
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