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No 49
Tutti Frutti should read:
BACK (Sideways)
Sideways portion of body is 42-0-45 nĚs (87 sts). Cast on WY and ravel cord. CAR. MC, T6, K1R over all. Hang yarn mark between #26-25 left for start of armhole. Place all to the right of that in A position with ravel cord. RC000. T6, knit lace. K1R. At right side, inc by returning nĚs to work as in notes, 1 st, K2R, 16X. RC033, CAL, return all sts to work. Knit straight to RC140 (150, 158, 168). Place yarn mark at each side for centre back. Knit to RC248 (268, 284, 304). Put all right of 0 and to #9 left to A. At right, dec/hold by shortrow method, 1 st, K2R, 16X. RC280 (300, 316, 336), return all to work and K1R over all. Hang yarn mark at #25 left. Remove on WY.

No 48
Crosswise should read:
51 (54, 58, 61) n's each side of 0, cast on WY and ravel cord. MC, T10, K1R. T7, K4R. On each side, inc 1 st, K4R, 9X to 60 (63, 67, 70) n's each side of 0. Knit to RC038 (042, 046, 050). Underarm. Reset RC000. Cast off 9 (10, 12, 13) sts, K1R, 2X. K2R. At each side, dec as in note, 1 st, K2R, 34 (36, 38, 40)X to RC070 (074, 078, 082). Set to hold.

Continuing to dec at left on every other row, 7X more, AT SAME TIME, at right, hold 3 sts, KWK, 8X. RC084 (088, 092, 096), cancel hold, K1R over all 10-0-17 sts. Remove on WY. Make left sleeve in reverse.

No 47
Just The Flax, pg 17. - The stitch pattern for this pattern is missing. The entire pattern is available in pdf format.


No 44

Take An Old Shopping Bag
Go to MAO's blog and read "What Every Brother Knitter Should Know..." from Feb 2009

No 43

Trapeze Artist, pg 29. - before 'Join top of sleeve seams.' ADD: Join body to yoke. 51 (53, 55, 57) n's each side of 0. Right side facing, hang back yoke, picking up whole outside stitch. Wrong side facing you, hang open sts of back in same needles. Pull through closed edge. Cast off snugly. 13-50 (53, 55, 57) n's to work. Hang front yoke as above. Hang open sts of front and finish as above.


No 42
Polly's Socks, page 45, under GAUGE should read: Rib lace - T6/5, 32 sts and 41 rows to 10 cm/4 in. delete NOTES


No 39
WarmUp SOX, pg 54. - Under NOTES: SilverReed Both: should read: RB, left set lever to 0, right set lever to 1.


No 37
Lace It Up - Should Read (instead of what's there) Brother: download (borlcbr.pat) lace carriage at left side to start, pass 4 times. Knit carriage at right, knit 2 rows. Repeat throughout. Make card/program as shown. For 970, enter stitch pattern or download from DesignaKnit. Enter as for knit carriage/fairisle; all-over pattern; pattern position at L-12.

Lace, 4 passes; K2R throughout.

Set RC000. Use (borlcbr1.pat), 24 sts X 132 rows which will make 66 rows of knitting. Knit to RC066. There are extra blank rows at the end of the pattern to remind you to change to the next stitch pattern which is (borlcbr2.pat), 24 sts X 40 rows (20 actual knit rows). Knit 6 full repeats and change to (brlcbr3.pat), 24 sts X 40 rows (20 actual knit rows). Complete piece using this pattern.


No 35
Punchcard for Violets is missing from page 18.

No 34
COLLARED - under front. Should read: Knit to RC186 (182, 174). Divide for collar. Add 1 st on BB, EOR, 28X to RC242 (238, 230). At same time, at RC228 (224, 216), transfer 20 BB sts to FB and bind off. There will be 8 BB sts for self-facing up to shoulder. DENIM CHICK - under front bands. When rehanging front band, do NOT turn. Hang same way it came off. BOHO - under Double english, Broth - RB tuck lever should be P


No 32
BLACK CHERRY - under pattern note, Brother, lace pattern is 8 sts X 36R. Pass lace 2 R; K2R, then (lace, 4R; K2R) throughout. UNDERSTATED - under Front, should read: shape shoulder at RC240 (244, 244, 252) as for back.


No 28
FOREVER IN BLUE - under Pattern Notes for Brother, should read: both tuck buttons in (forget part buttons both should be out!)

CORDUROY - Under Fronts, after 'mark centre front.' Should read: Knit to RC076 (not 085) then begin increases for neck.

BESTFRIEND - page 34, sleeve should read:
SLEEVES 55 (58, 58, 60) n's each side of 0. Cast on WY and ravel cord. CAR, RC000. MC, T7, knit inc
1 st each side,
1st size: K5R, 10X; knit to RC062.
2nd size: K5R, 5X; K6R, 4X; knit to RC058.
3rd size: K8R, 3X; K9R, 3X; knit to RC054.
4th size: K4R, 3X; K5R, 5X; knit to RC048.

Shape sleeve cap. Dec 8 (8, 12, 12) sts, K1R, 2X.
At each side, dec 1 st
1st size: K2R, 21X; K1R, 8X.
2nd size: K1R, 10X; K3R, 3X; K2R, 17X; K1R, 1X.
3rd size: K4R, 7X; K3R, 4X; K2R, 5X; K1R, 8X.
4th size: K2R, 6X; K3R, 9X; K2R, 12X; K1R, 1X.
to 28-0-28 sts, RC114. Cast off. View the Applique Lace Pattern by clicking on the DOWNLOAD icon below.


No 27
ABC SIDEWAYS - under Back. Should read: Left end of machine is hem, right end is shoulder.


No 26
ABC FAIRISLE - Under 'Shortrow by holding position: Should read - To shape underarm (not neckline)...


No 17
Threads of Lace, pg 51. - Under RIGHT SLEEVE: should read: At left side (back edge) dec 1st, K1R, 26X, 9 sts at left of 0. Instead of RC184, cancel hold, should be RC188 (192, 196) cancel hold, K1R. continue as stated. On the Green in One! pg 36. Collar and button bands, use yarn single stranded.


No 14
Dressing Miss Canada, pg 5. - Under BACK: should read: After placing yarn mark for slit opening: At each side, dec 1 st, K12R, 15X. continue as stated.


No 5
Mellow Yellow, pg 53. - Under SLEEVE: should read: RC000. At each side, inc 1 st, K4R, 14 (13, 12)X. Knit to RC060. Cast off 6 sts, K1R, 2X. At each side, dec 1 st, K2R, 6X; 1 st, K4R, 6X. Cast off 3 sts, K1R, 8X. RC106. Cast off remaining 24 sts.


No 4
Southwest Illusion, pg 4. - Under BACK/FRONT: should read: In order to centre the pattern, begin with pattern row 71 (61, 51). continue as stated


No 1
Lady's Zip Jacket, pg 44. - Under SLEEVE: ADD: Longstitch knit plain like this is a way of stabilizing a full needle rib and making it the same thickness as the fabric of the body. It is all needles in work, knitting both beds one way and then, either on the knit bed only or the rib bed only, going the other way. In this instance, I had it knitting on the MB and slipping RB going to the right and left pass knits both beds. Have MB/knit carriage set to knit both ways as in regular stockinette. On rib carriage, Silver: right set lever to 0, left set lever to 1. Brother: right cam lever to P-R, left one to N. continue as stated